Key design elements used in Japanese bathrooms 

With the pace of life gradually increasing and becoming more frantic, it is understandable that more of us are seeking out ways we can re-charge our batteries and unwind where possible.  For centuries the Chinese and Japanese have used natural materials and Feng Shui to aid with relaxation of mind, body and spirit.  Design aspects encompassing Japanese thinking are now pretty much on trend, utilising water features, natural materials and minimal aesthetics.  

Japanese bathroom design connects people with nature.  Natural materials like wood, stone, leather, bamboo and plants are key elements used extensively and in conjunction with Feng Shui, creating the perfect balance of energy to promote well being, tranquillity and relaxation. 

A neutral colour palette is often used to enhance comfort and relaxation.  Festive orange, sand and creams, as well as light and dark browns and light grey promote natural energy.

Mahogany and teak feature widely in Japanese spa bathrooms as the dark colour and texture helps to create peaceful and relaxing Zen interiors  .Asian design encompasses clean, straight lines, minimalistic style and simple décor which allows the unhindered flow of energy and promotes tranquillity. 

Stone is a key element in Asian spa bathrooms.  Japanese baths are actually made of stone or surrounded by stone as it is believed to promote relaxation. 

To create a perfect Spa bathroom, connecting with the outside is a key feature.  A skylight will allow natural light to flood the room.  Views out of a window onto a beautiful garden or better still a glass door allowing access to the outside will further promote that connection with nature.  If your room has no access to natural light, then place a  beautiful oriental landscape painting in the room.

Low level lighting promotes peace and tranquillity, and enhances the ambience of the room design. 

Soft white towels and bathrobes, orchids and ferns, scented candles and soothing music are all key elements which will make your Japanese spa bath the ultimate in total relaxation of mind, body and spirit.