Creating a galleried wall

A collection of artwork or pictures hung together in a collage formation can turn a plain room into a cosy and inviting one.  It is actually a very simple technique which does not require expensive pieces of artwork in fancy frames to create.  You can simply use your favourite family photos or artwork that has been gathering dust in a box, and display together on a spare wall using frames in a similar style and finish to bring the look together.  It just requires a little planning and patience to get the look just right.  

Plan your arrangement before hanging.  Place pieces on the floor in the formation required to have a rough guide to what works well.  Cut out stencils of each frame and stick in place on your wall.  This avoids nails being hammered in the wrong place.  

Group framed  black and white photos and monochromatic pictures together for a timeless effect.  It can unify images from different times and creates a clean classic look.  Hang differing sized frames randomly.  Same sized frames, hang in straight lines for a symmetrical look.

If positioning same size frames up a staircase, place in a step up formation to mirror the stairs. Or, if frames are differing sizes, hang randomly.

A large picture placed in the centre of smaller frames focuses the eye, creates a unique collage and is a solution to a tricky problem of differing frame sizes.  

Position small frames around a door frame or bookcase for an unusual effect.   Similarly, a clock collection can be grouped together for a unique display.  

Make the artwork reflect the function of the room i.e. choose soothing images for the bedroom which is obviously a place to rest and relax, and use colours which co-ordinate with the room scheme.   Use your wall to display a collection of a particular type of art or theme.  These walls display artwork depicting birds and botanical prints.  It unifies the scheme and is a great focal point.

We discovered a really useful site called,  which allows you to upload a picture of your wall and then position artwork directly onto the wall, allowing you to visualise how it will look.