Headboard Headliners

A grand headboard instantly uplifts a room and is a simple but very effective technique used by top rated hotels to create an air of opulence, luxury and style. A larger board creates more impact so go big and bold, and don't be restricted by the bed size.  A plus-sized padded design in a beautiful fabric like satin or velvet will make the room more cosy and inviting.





Professionally upholstered headboards can be very expensive.  If you're feeling crafty then making your own is fairly straight forward.  Just decide how wide and tall you want it to be.  The larger the board, the more of a statement it will be in your design scheme.  Then you will simply need a sheet of MDF cut to size, some padding trimmed into shape, the fabric of your choice and upholstery tacks.  That's pretty much all you'll need to made a simple customised headboard.  Joining panels of upholstered boards in horizontal or vertical patterns will achieve the look in the above pictures quite simply.





A simple driftwood headboard is simple and inexpensive to create from wood washed ashore.  It is a wonderful way to create a nautical, weathered look on a budget.  Alternatively customise a headboard from simple wood panels and stain in a colour of choice.  





There is definitely something special about the wingback headboard; it instantly adds style and sophistication to a bedroom design scheme.  Perhaps its the button tufted and soft lush fabrics which are so appealing or perhaps it is the fact that it looks like you are sleeping in an overgrown chair.  They often fair on the pricey side, but are a sound investment which will endure through many design trends.