Using wallpaper for maximum impact

Wallpaper instantly adds character to a room.  It focuses the eye and enhances a scheme with depth, colour and interest.  There are many different ways to use wallpaper other than as a covering on each wall.  Below are listed some of the less conventional ways wallpaper can be used for maximum impact.



A feature or accent wall have been the trend for a while now and are still great for making a design impact.  It is also a solution to colourful and bold patterned wallpaper which can be overpowering to a room scheme.  Choose instead to paper over only one wall and co-ordinate the others with a contrasting shade of paint.  Key elements of the paper design and colours can then be coordinated with soft furnishings to bring the scheme together.



For a dramatic effect wallpaper behind a fixed bookshelf, or in an alcove or over a chimney breast, and co-ordinate the other walls with a contrasting coloured paint. 



Alternatively, for a bold statement, try papering onto the front of furniture.  The paper is then showcased in a more unconventional way and becomes a piece of artwork instead.



Papering a whole room can be costly and a big commitment.  Sectioning off a wall under or above a dado or picture rail can be a solution.  Paper a chosen section and use contrasting coloured paint on the other.  Papering in these alternative ways adds a special feature to the room.  

A quirky alternative to a traditional fabric or wooden headboard is to use a wallpaper panel instead.   It is a technique that is probably not  considered enough, but creates a dramatic design statement in the bedroom.

Create wallpaper panels for a unique idea, which focuses the wallpaper as a design piece in the room.  A useful and inexpensive way to showcase beautiful, patterned wallpaper.