Jazz up your sofa

A sofa, whether patterned or plain, large or small, is a blank canvas which can be layered with accent colours and textures, enhancing the room appeal and creating a welcoming living space.



 Add accent colours to a plain sofa.  If your sofa has a plain or neutral coloured fabric, like grey or taupe, layer with cushions in an assortment of different textures, i.e. wool, leather, silk or faux fur for warmth and interest.  Select colours that tie in with accent colours and shades from the overall room scheme, i.e. curtains, wall colour, rug and pictures.


Add simplicity to a patterned sofa. Select plain cushions in an accent colour to best highlight the colours within the pattern of the sofa.  Combining too many patterns can create a busy look making it appear fussy and overdone.  


Throw over a throw. Useful in the winter months to add warmth, and also a solution to preventing general wear and tear affecting your sofa, a throw can be a practical solution as well as adding another design feature to your room scheme.  Now widely available in an assortment of colours, weaves and fabrics, a throw can add a simple soft focus and design feature.

Add soft focus lighting. A simple table lamp with a low watt bulb placed by the side of a sofa can make it more inviting to sit in and enhances the feel of the fabrics and colours. If bathed in soft light, an ordinary sofa can be brought to life.