Kid's rooms - plan for the future   

Kidís rooms are great.  You can be so much braver and bolder than with Ďadultí rooms.  The space is a template for their imagination to be let loose, whether they like Peppa Pig or Star Wars, whatever their tastes and fancies you can create a little abode for their escapism.  But children grow, seemingly very fast, as do their particular tastes and needs.  So a well-planned room should grow with them, adapting easily and effortlessly as needs change.  Here are some tips for creating the perfect kidís room that can evolve as their tastes do.

                                      Mural from

Choose a neutral template.  Neutral colours for the walls, floors and curtains is a simple way to effortlessly adapt and change with accessories in any given theme.  Replace themed duvet covers, pictures, lamps and rugs as your child grows out of them.  Use peel off mural stickers to avoid re-decorating whenever the room theme changes.



Invest in furniture that will last. Your child will need furniture that will accommodate them as they change and grow.  Invest in a quality bed and bedroom furniture that will see them through many years and is resilient to daily wear and tear.  



Make it fun A childís bedroom is a place they should enjoy hanging out with their friends too.  A simple pull out trundle bed makes sleepovers effortless.  Or invest in a bunk bed or cabin bed with futon for an easy solution to overnight visitors. 



 Think ahead.  Think long term when choosing furniture.  How will their needs change as time goes on?  A petite sized bed and wardrobe may seem appropriate for your little person, but will it still be useful when clothes double in size and your child grows?  If you are investing a lot of money and donít want to have to repeat the expense 5 years down the line, choose furniture that will be good for the future.