Bright ideas to illuminate your kitchen

Lighting is integral to any room scheme, but this probably applies more so to the kitchen.  The kitchen is the hub of the home, where people gather to cook, eat and relax so it therefore needs to be bright and functional for each different area.  Careful planning before you begin re-decorating is essential as rewiring for a new light scheme will cause disruption.  Firstly think how you use your kitchen and what areas need lighting.  Then consider how lighting will enhance the overall room scheme from an aesthetics viewpoint.

Strip lights or down lighters placed under kitchen wall cabinets illuminates the worktop below.  Similarly, place lights below the cornice of wall cabinets and under the breakfast bar for a extra illumination and to create multilevel lighting.

Down lighters placed across the ceiling instantly add a soft ribbon of illumination across the top of the room.  

If you have a dining table, island unit or breakfast bar in your kitchen, illuminate with decorative pendants hung either in formation, or randomly.   The three pendants above provide perfect symmetry with the three chairs.

Create the illusion of height with strip lighting positioned on the top of wall cabinets.  It illuminates the ceiling and fills this void area with interest. Alternatively, place down lights across ceiling space above these cabinets.  It casts a warm glow to this dark area. 

Multi-coloured LED lights are a quirky idea.  Have the lights placed on a rotating sequence so your kitchen changes colour on rotation every few minutes. Or simply opt for whichever coloured light takes your fancy that day.  Alternating light colour dramatically changes your room scheme with the touch of a button. 

Sectioning off your lighting areas with controls and timers allows you the flexibility to have switched on only those lights which you require.  A pre-set system allows you to adjust your lighting at the touch of a button, to suit how you will be using the room.  It is also an energy saving device as not all lights need to be switched on all of the time.  

Mood lighting creates warmth and interest.  Position recessed lights into the plinth of your units or central island to give soft light illumination to the floor area around.   If the island unit is on legs, create the illusion of a floating island unit by placing under cupboard lighting.