Letting in the light

A light and bright room can have an uplifting effect on your mood.  You feel it when you walk in and instantly sense that the colours, lighting and furniture all work in a balanced formation creating a positive feeling.  Achieving this effect is important so it's therefore essential to consider how the room will feel when selecting the right furniture and furnishings.  If your home is naturally well lit, with plenty of sunlight flooding through windows and around the house, then you have one less hurdle to overcome.  But if your house is forever cast in shadows by surrounding trees or buildings, or if you have small windows and no light flow, it is incredible how much a simple change like re-thinking the positioning of furniture and use of colour can make.  We've compiled a list of top tips to help you illuminate your home and feel instantly happier and more relaxed—take a look.



Cleverly positioned multi-level lighting will illuminate a naturally dark room creating space and highlighting your furnishings.  Overhead lighting in the form of recessed lights gives off a fantastic warm spread of light.  Avoid single ceiling pendant lighting as this casts shadows and can make a scheme appear flat and dull.  Re-create the illusion of natural light with concealed lights.  These can be placed behind work surfaces or cabinets.



Open up the living space in your home and let the light flood back in.  Knocking through and joining two rooms cleverly combines those areas which work in conjunction with each other i.e. the living and dining, or kitchen and dining area.  It is also a very effective way of creating a light and airy living area.   



Mirrors reflect light and space back into a room, instantly creating the illusion of space.  Cleverly positioned mirrors will successfully enlarge small dark spaces. 

Remove heavy dark curtains and replace with a light coloured drape.  This will allow natural light to illuminate through, maximising the natural source of light.



Replace internal doors with glass ones.  This allows for light to travel and be free flowing through the house.  For privacy select frosted glass or mirrored doors.  Additionally, glass external doors will allow natural light in.

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Dark coloured fabrics and wood absorb light making a room appear smaller.  For a bright and airy room select a lighter shade of wood i.e. pine or oak or choose wicker or light coloured painted furniture,  and co-ordinate with light fabrics in soft tones.   

Selecting the right colour palate is essential if you want light to flow and reflect freely around your room.  Dark colours absorb light and light colours reflect light.  Complement  light coloured furniture with accessories in a darker shade to bring depth and warmth to your scheme.   For a warm but light colour scheme choose neutral shades like mushroom and grey or light brown as shown in this room scheme. These shades will subtly coordinate with darker floors and heavy wood furniture.

Your room will feel instantly brighter if your flooring is light coloured.   A wonderful idea for a bright interior is to paint exposed floorboards white.  This reflects light around the room if combined with a bright colour scheme.