Loft Living

Loft conversions are a simple solution to maximising space in the home.  They can increase the square footage of living space by on average a third, and open up endless possibilities for usage and design inspiration.  We have some points to consider when planning your loft interior design scheme.

Decorate wisely choose light shades on the walls and co-ordinate with an accent colour in soft furnishings like throws, cushions and rugs to optimise the spacious feel.  Paint sloping walls in the same colour as the ceiling.  Where the walls slopes dramatically, paint the whole room the same colour.  For a more dramatic effect use contrasting shades to exaggerate the architectural feature.  Alternatively highlight a feature wall with a bold pattern wallpaper print. 

Clever storage eaves space can be cleverly used as cupboard or wardrobe storage with a stylish fitted door front.  A designer door design can enhance the room appeal. There are many options for door designs available. 

Maximise light lofts are often flooded with natural light.  However choosing the right lighting design is important to enhance the architectural features in the loft space.  Down lighters and low energy spotlights in the main flat part of the ceiling fill the space beautifully.  Use accent lighting with low level lamps e.g. on either side of a bed or on a dressing table. 

Make the space multifunctional if not required as a main bedroom, use furniture that is functional as both a living space and that can be transformed into a bed area, such as a sofa bed, futon, or pull down cupboard with hidden bed inside.

Go for a stylish window arrangement if planning your loft, make a statement and optimize light quality.