New possibilities with leather

Leather is being taken beyond the frontiers of design and has evolved away from its association as the nation's favourite sofa covering.  What is emerging now are new ways to craft leather so it can be more versatile and unique in our homes. Studioart is leading the way forward with it stunning collection of leather wall coverings, leather rugs and embroidered leather cushions.  Their Ricamo collection is revolutionary in how it combines the refined art of embroidery with leather, and explores new textures and designs ranging from delicate flowing motifs to geometric patterns,  creating stunning effects.

Ricamo Collection by Studioart

The decorative motifs are inspired by nature: alive, ever changing, and vibrant; coherent and structured at the same time. The collection suggests combinations of shapes and colours, and also offers infinite solutions to decorate spaces and interiors with custom-made creations.

The leather wall collections from Studioart are beautiful to behold.  It brings together Italian craftsmanship and exquisite materials in a wide range of design possibilities.  One can choose among the proposed collections, or customise to create a unique wall covering by combining colours and leather with shapes and suggested patterns.

 The Pezzara rug collection by Studioart are  unique works of art, each individually crafted from refined leather using a fascinating chromatic and geometric designs.

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