New thinking from British Gypsum

Thistle Magnetic Plaster

This fabulous idea created by British Gypsum enables any wall in any room to be turned into an art gallery by way of their magnetic plaster.  Showcase favourite pictures and photos and then change it all around with no fuss or drilling.  Useful in the home office too for displaying notice boards, certificates and mood boards, and in kids bedrooms to display artwork and put up posters.   

The Silent Floor

Another great idea making life that little bit easier.  You can restore harmony in your home with this sound proof flooring which practically eliminates all sound coming from other parts of the house.   So your children can be enjoying a party in one room while you sit and enjoy a good book in another and not be disturbed by their noise.  A definite must have in any home, and essential for a peaceful co-habiting existence.   

Lifestyle wall 

No need for drilling  or specialist fixings, simply screw  straight into the wall surface and fix shelves, curtain poles, picture hooks and TVs in place.  It is also delivers superior sound insulation and reduces noise breakthrough from adjoining rooms.  They are also strong and durable to withstand years of whatever life throws at it.

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