Out of this world interiors

Space travel is not something we are likely to experience first hand, but if the beauty of the cosmos inspires and excites you then bring the cosmos into your home instead, and create an interplanetary display indoors for a room which is really out of this world.  Space murals that will surround you with the soothing colours of the stars, moons and galaxies or the swirling multicolours of the nebulas are a fantastic form of escapism into these unknown places.  

Vienna based artist Bogi Fabian takes glow-in-the-dark to a whole new dimension with her out-of-this-world mural wall creations.  A simple flick of the switch, and her rooms can be transformed into an inter planetary visual experience, where you find yourself surrounded by glowing stars and cosmic clouds.

Her creations reveal themselves in three different kinds of light.  A conventional mural can be seen in daylight; a glowing mural only with UV light; and phosphorescent paint reveals itself when the lights are completely off.  Find out more at bogifabian.com.

Launch your room into space and take a view of earth through the eyes of a space explorer.  The beautifully realistic image imagines just that.  Choose from a  wide selection of relaxing constellations and lunar landscapes to more dramatic asteroids, rockets and sci-fi scenes plus a range of abstract colourful creations, all designed to lift your feature wall into orbit! Find out more from wallsauce.com

This fantastic mural was was taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, and shows the star forming region of 30 Doradus, located in the heart of the Tarantula Nebula. The region is located 170,000 light-years away, and is home to the biggest stars ever seen, as well as one of the fastest rotating stars, and the speediest and biggest runaway star. The Hubble image shows a whole host of stars, varying from 2 million to 25 million years old. The regions centrepiece is a giant, young star cluster to the left of the centre, a hotbed of gigantic young stars that weigh in at more than 100 times the mass of our Sun.The swirling gases and dark space lit up by thousands of dazzling stars make this perfect for filling your wall with astronomical imagery. Find out more at muralswallpaper.co.uk

If you are a massive space enthusiast or just looking for a mural that is completely unique then this  Bright Galaxy Wallpaper Wall Mural  will certainly give you that stunning feature wall you desire with its brilliant contrast in colours and simply mesmerising subject. For more information go to muralswallpaper.co.uk.