Creative Tech Ready Furniture

The furniture in our homes has to adapt and change according to our lifestyles.  Companies like Ikea and Dupont are paving the way towards a more tech ready home by introducing furniture with wireless phone charging technology. In the future, furniture designers will have to adapt and change to accommodate this too, and there will come a time when simply placing your mobile phone down on a kitchen table, bedside table, coffee table or desk will charge it because a wireless charger will be built into every surface you might set your phone on.

Varv Floor lamp with wireless charging from IKEA, price £85.  Built in charger exactly where you want it.

The Selje bedside table with wireless charging from IKEA.  Price £50.  You can wirelessly charge your smartphone, just place it on the built-in charger and charging begins. 

The FurniQi side table combines wireless Qi technology with bamboo wood construction from

The Tunto LED8 table lamp is a stylish LED lamp with a broad, flat base that charges electronics placed upon it. The lamp itself turns on with a touch.  Available from

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