5 ideas for your teenage boy's bedroom

Teenage boys need space, lots of it.  Their personal needs change dramatically from the age they start secondary school.  They need more room for books and study equipment, entertaining friends and sleepovers, for gaming, computers and TVs, and also possibly a larger bed to accommodate those growth spurts.

If space is limited, a bed system can be the answer.  Incorporating storage and sleeping space compacted into one unit.  Many different models and designs are available.   

A cool idea if your teenager has a particular interest is to have a mural wall.  If they are into outdoor pursuits, love travelling, or have a special picture that they want blown up, murals make a wonderful focal point in the room and are on trend. 

Gaming is central to every teenage boy’s life.  Bean bags are great for lounging on while playing and also useful when friends pop over and hang out.  


Rugs are an essential part of any bedroom scheme, as well as being cosy underfoot, they can be stylish and co-ordinate with the room scheme.   

Bedspreads are great for keeping warm, but can be a beautiful furnishing accessory too.  These colourful teenage inspired bedspreads look really great in the overall room scheme.