Time For Reflection

Mirrors are a designer’s best friend.  They can change a room instantly, creating the illusion of space by reflecting natural and artificial light, as well as adding a touch of sparkle and glamour.  With so many different styles and sizes available, the choice can be inundating, but we have selected a few ways to use mirrors around the home as a guide.



Small spaces can feel instantly bigger with a cleverly placed mirror.  It is a classic interior designer’s trick used to create the illusion of more space in small areas.  The bigger the mirror, the larger the illusion.


Break from the mold, and try different sized framed mirrors instead of pictures and photos to create a unique wall collage.  Antique or modern mirror frames will make a unique focal point and talking point for your visitors.



Mirrored furniture adds instant glamour and style.  Select matching bedside units and dressing table or go for one statement piece.

Ornate and decorative mirrors add style and creativity to your room scheme. 

The often neglected space just above a bed's headboard is an ideal spot for an ornate mirror display.  It's a neat alternative to artwork, and also reflects light back onto the bed.  The image above shows what can be achieved by covering an entire wall with a mirror.  This effect is stunning and works to enlarge the optical living space instantly.


Cleverly placed mirrors positioned behind beside table lamps reflect light back into the room, and create the illusion of space around the bed. This designer's trick is useful for narrow bedrooms.