Wall art to inspire

Wall art stickers are a fabulous idea for livening up a plain wall.  Impress with a famous Banksy sticker, or inspire with a thought provoking quotation.  

Wall Stickers come in many different choices and can be used for both adults and kids rooms.  They are often removable, allowing for a room scheme to be changed by simply switching to a different wall art sticker.  

Banksy is an internationally known English graffiti artist, from Bristol. He is best known for his controversial street paintings, anonymously appearing overnight on many outdoor walls around Bristol and other cities. Bansky's identity has been kept a secret for many years, with very few people knowing who he actually is. Banksy style wall art looks great in many room settings, depending upon which design chosen. The girl with a heart shaped balloon has been popular in all rooms, but especially in a little girl's bedroom. These wall stickers are Banksy inspired and not his original artwork, but instead reproduced from various sources.   Available from featurewallart.co.uk.  Maid vinyl wall art sticker 13.20.  Banksy -  girl with balloon 10.80.

Wall quotes are a stylish yet fun way to express yourself through some of life's most valued sayings and quotes, written by the world's most renowned poets, philosophers and celebrities.  They can also be customised so you can create your own unique wall quote and personalised stickers.  Wall Art Quotes also offer customizable names and phrases to create personalised home decor in minutes. Wall Sticker Quotes vinyl lettering can be used for both adult's and kid's rooms. Available from wallstickersshop.co.uk   PS I Love You 12.00, Shoot for your goals 22.80.

Dr Seuss sticker 24.00 available from magicwall.co.uk

Thought-provoking life and inspirational quote stickers are a fantastic idea if you want to add a uplifting touch to a room. Perfect for the home or work. Available from iconwallstickers.co.uk.