The Old Cinema

Nestled amongst the other more familiar shop fronts on Chiswick High Road, is an unimposing entrance which belies the labyrinth of corridors lying just behind.   The Old Cinema, which is exactly what it used to be circa 1908 to 1934,  is now home to a vast emporium of antiques and collectables from every corner of the world.  Enter inside and you are entering a world of nostalgia, where you can loose yourself for a few hours browsing and rummaging, and generally wishing for all those lovely things from a time gone by.  

Since being reinvented as a furniture store in the 1950's after lying derelict for a number of years, the Old Cinema has evolved into the emporium of antiques and collectibles that it is today.  Offering everything from Kitsch Americana to period antique, Mad Men style rosewood to hardcore industrial, Asian Arts and French decadence.

They say that you don't go there to buy, you go there to find.  And you may find yourself desperately looking for a reason to purchase that 1950s American Diner stool, which in reality may clash spectacularly with your kitchen, but the pull is there to buy it because it is just too good a find to pass up. The Old Cinema is eclectic and probably won't appeal to everyone  but go along with an open mind and a bulging wallet and you may come away with that something that you never knew you wanted.