Handy Apps 

Designed to make our lives a little easier and take the fuss out of furnishing our homes, today's Apps go some way to achieving this goal.  However, perhaps because the art of creating a beautiful home is a tactile and visual process,  an app can never fully replace the whole interior design process.  

We have selected a few of the more popular and helpful apps available , from ones which guide you through colour coordinating, furniture selection and hanging artwork, to builders tools.  Whatever job you need help with, as they say, there is usually an app for that.

I Handy Carpenter - 5 useful tools all in one place, it does just what it says, and replaces all those bulky tools you would otherwise need.  A protractor for measuring angles, a bubble lever bar for measuring levels and a plumb bob for judging straight lines are some of the devices this handy app has to offer.                 

Artfully Walls Try On Wall  - this is a quick and fun way to see how art you are considering buying from the site will look on your wall and in your own space, using augmented reality technology.  Take a picture of your wall and upload artwork images directly onto it to see the finished look.  

Photo Measures - a simple idea which enables you to draw all the room measurements directly onto uploaded pictures of your room.  Handy for when you need measurements when shopping for furnishings and furniture.  

Color 911 - Do you have a particular colour in mind for your room scheme, but are struggling to match coordinating colours together?  This App will help you match colours together for the perfect room scheme.  It makes colour selection fun and easy, use the custom palettes or create your own and organise your colours into folders.  

Homestyler by Autodesk  - Put your interior design skills to the test with this smart App.  Begin by taking a picture of your empty room, select high quality 3D models of real furniture products from an extensive database and place into the room. Try out paint colours on the walls. Hang light fixtures from the ceiling.  See how rugs, paintings, mirrors and furnishings look in your space. Browse the Design Stream for pics, and connect with professional designers for advice and information.  Pretty much all you need under one roof.