Craft and Design Month 2016

The growth of the artisan business has been steadily rising over recent years, with more people discovering their hidden crafting talents and deciding on a change of career away from the rat race.  This could be in part a direct reaction to our lives becoming increasingly virtual, but also a growing awareness of how things are made and produced. 

Ultimately, the inherent sense of joy and well-being that comes from making things yourself is the one discerning reason more are choosing this career path. This in turn has led to the proliferation of on-line retail sites promoting independent crafting sellers, which is great for everyone because now we can all buy handmade goods with the click of a mouse. 

However the traditional method of selling handmade on market stalls is still a treasured pastime enjoyed by all, and that crafters rely on to promote their businesses locally.  Following on from the success last year, the Craft and Design Month will be running again this May 2016 and supports and promotes small creative businesses across Britain.  Similarly, May also sees London Craft Week a showcase for the capitalís more established craftspeople.  For more information and to find out whatís going on throughout May and also year round details of craft fairs and shows, courses and workships, gallery exhibitions , open studios and art trails visit and